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Cole’s 2016 Nukeproof Scout Update

After assembling my On-One Codeine 27.5, I felt the need to modify and adjust my Scout 275 to further distinguish the bikes in their intended purpose.

When I first began mountain Biking the Scout was assembled to be my “everything” bike. Trial rides, park rides, work commute, you name it.

Over time I began to resent the Scout for its overall stiffness and harsh ride. Unfairly, I blamed my discomfort on the bike instead of on my cockpit setup and choice of parts. After extensive research and a few choice parts purchases I really turned the Scout around and now I find myself preferring the unhinged style of wide open riding that the Scout begs you to experience.

The changes were each small but the effect was great. I’ll run though the parts loadout changes first (keep in mind that the Brand-X dropper post, the SRAM GX 11-speed drivetrain and the WTB Vigilante rear tire all went to complete my On-One Codeine 27.5 full-suspension build)

34 Tooth oval chainring

SRAM GX 10-speed drivetrain

Easton Haven 35mm riser bar

Raceface Atlas 35mm stem

ESI Extra Chunky grips

WTB Wolverine rear tire

Raceface Chester flat pedals

Nashbar Carbon Fiber seatpost

On top of the gamut of part changes, I also took the time to fine tune my rider position and location of the cockpit components. Never underestimate the difference those adjustments can make to your comfort and confidence.

Once my changes were complete the difference between my two mountain bikes couldn’t be larger. The Codeine weighs in north of 31lbs and the Scout now tips the scales at less than 28 and it’s center of gravity is much lower. The Scout now fits nicely into my general trail riding diet and I pretty much only drag the Codeine out for the big chunky stuff or some major downhill action.

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